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Concluding Comments


By Truman Scarborough




     Thank you for taking the time to read these discussions. I hope they prove to be helpful. The purpose was to provide an overview so you may be better prepared to start evaluating the risks and benefits of various options with an estate planning attorney. There were limitations on how far these discussions could go. In trying to cover many areas of the law these discussions could not explore any one area sufficiently to offer comprehensive information. Furthermore, individual circumstances can vary significantly resulting in the need to consider options not addressed in these discussions.


      Estate planning is essentially about preserving order by providing direction. While it may not be easy to plan for one's own diminished capacity and demise, it can make matters run more smoothly, avoid conflicts, and minimize expenses. Losing a loved one is difficult. By properly planning we can lessen the burden on those we leave behind. Drawing on who we are and what we value, estate planning allows us to project hopes and desires beyond our physical existence to touch the lives those we love after we are gone.